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While VSCO initially gained its reputation as a photo editing app, it has since expanded its capabilities to include video editing, much to the delight of its users. The video editor feature allows users to apply the same level of creativity and finesse to their videos as they do to their photos.

Vsco video editor comes with exclusive tools like Trim and Crop to precisely compose and time your video and audio, or experiment with Speed for a slo-mo effect. It helps you Seamlessly edit videos in top quality with the same VSCO presets, effects and advanced editing tools from your mobile photo editor.

USE of Film FX in VSCO Video editor

For a truly vintage look, add frame overlays with Film FX. From photos to videos to GIFs, merge movies and stills with a VSCO membership. Discover and combine the best tools and effects to create a look that matches your creative vision.

Import your video

Once you’ve imported your video, you’ll land in the preset library where you can select Film X presets. Tap ‘Save’ to save the edited video to your camera roll. Video below will guide you through.

Import your video in VSCO Editor

Edit with FILM X

The Character and Warmth sliders are unique to the Film Experiment with these sliders by tapping on an already applied Film X preset.

Film X Editing with VSCO Editor

Character Slider in VSCO

Character Slider in VSCO

The character simulates how film behaves when over or under exposed. More characters typically produce brighter, more vivid colors, while fewer characters often produce muted, more muted tones. Each character slider reflects the unique visual attributes of a particular movie.

Warmth Slider in VSCO

Warmth Slider in VSCO

Warmth emulates changes in color balance. The image may appear too orange (warm) or too blue (cool). Use this tool to make quick color adjustments, like enhancing a summer sunset or balancing the tones of artificial lighting.

Features of VSCO Video Editor

  1. High-Quality Filters: Just like its photo editing counterpart, VSCO’s video editor offers a wide array of high-quality filters designed to enhance your videos. From subtle adjustments to dramatic transformations, these filters allow you to achieve the perfect look for your footage.
  2. Advanced Editing Tools: In addition to filters, VSCO provides a range of advanced editing tools tailored specifically for video editing. These tools enable you to adjust aspects such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and more, giving you full control over the final look of your videos.
  3. Creative Effects: One of the standout features of VSCO’s video editor is its collection of creative effects. From vintage-inspired effects to modern overlays, these effects allow you to add a unique touch to your videos and make them stand out from the crowd.
  4. Custom Presets: For those who have developed their signature editing style, VSCO offers the ability to create and save custom presets. This feature enables you to apply your preferred settings to your videos with just a few taps, saving you time and ensuring consistency across your content.
  5. Seamless Integration: VSCO seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow, allowing you to easily import videos from your camera roll or other sources. Once you’ve finished editing, you can effortlessly share your creations directly to your favorite social media platforms or save them to your device for future use.

Tips for Using the Video Editor

  1. Experiment with Filters: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different filters to find the perfect look for your videos. Whether you prefer a natural aesthetic or something more stylized, there’s a filter to suit every taste and mood.
  2. Fine-Tune Your Edits: Take advantage of VSCO’s advanced editing tools to fine-tune your edits and achieve the desired effect. Pay attention to details such as exposure, color balance, and composition to ensure your videos look their best.
  3. Get Creative with Effects: Have fun exploring VSCO’s collection of creative effects and experiment with different combinations to create unique and visually stunning videos.
  4. Save Your Recipe: If you come across a combination of filters and edits that you particularly like, be sure to save them as a custom Recipe for easy access in the future.
  5. Share Your Creations: Once you’re satisfied with your edits, don’t forget to share your creations with the world! Whether you’re posting to Instagram, TikTok, or another platform, VSCO makes it easy to share your videos and showcase your creativity.

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